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When Anne Shirley arrives at the house of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, called Green Gables, she knows she never wants to leave. But she knows she’s not what the Cuthberts expected, instead of a boy they got a girl with bright red hair and a temper to match. So to make sure she stays she’s going to try not to get into scrapes and blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. But Anne is like no other girl, every sentence that comes out of her is like a poem. And all Anne wants is to one day be called Anne of Green Gables.


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Anne is now sixteen and is called Anne of Green Gables. She’s grown up ….almost. Her grey eyes shine like the stars, but her red hair is still as bright and fiery as her temper. Anne has won the love of everyone in Avonlea and is still getting into scrapes. And when Anne gets a job as a school teacher, people are really observing her character. With teaching the three R’s to children, she’s learning how complicated it can be when she meddles in somebody else’s romance, helps take care of two orphans at Green Gables and starts to notice the strange and odd behavior of Gilbert Blythe. As Anne gets older and older her adventures and scrapes touch the heart of everyone she meets.

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Anne has left Redmond College to start a new job and start her new life away from Avonlea and Green Gables. Now she faces a new problem, she gets the job as a principal at Summerside High school and the Pringles, known as the royal and horrible family of Summerside, let Anne know that she’s not who they want as a principal. But aside from them she makes some great allies, the widows Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty and the house keeper Rebecca Dew. And Anne discovers Summerside’s most strange and bizarre secrets and winning the love of the Pringles is just one of her triumphs.

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