book 35

Comes out October 7th 2014


house of hades      

Percy Jackson

percy 12

This book is the first in the “Percy Jacson and the olympians” series.Percy Jackson is about to be thrown out of boarding school… again ,and that’s the least of his problems. Lately, greek mythological monsters, demigods,
and the gods seem to be coming right out of the pages of Percy’s textbook into his life, and also he’s angered a few of the gods. Zeus’s ultimate power,his lightning bolt has been stolen and Percy is the prime suspect.Now Percy and his friends will have to find the lightning bolt and bring peace to Mount Olympus. But to suceed on his quest , he will have to do more than catch the actual thief he must come to terms with the father who abandoned Percy and his mother and unravel a treachery even more powerful than the gods.

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Percy Jackson’s seventh-grade year has been very quiet.Not one single monster came to his New York prep-school campus.But, when a innocent game of dodgeball starts between Percy and his classmates it suddenly turns into a death match against a ugly gang of cannibal giants things get well…..ugly and the unexpected arrival of his friend Annabeth brings even more bad news. The borders protecting Camp Half-Blood have been poisoned by a mysterious enemy and if a cure is not found the only safe place for demigods will be destroyed. In the second book in the series, Percy and his friends must travel into the sea of monsters to save the camp. But, Percy will discover a surprising new secret about his father (aka Poseidon) the makes him question if being claimed as Poseidon’s son is a honor or just a mean……joke.

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When Percy Jackson receives a urgent call from his friend Grover the satyr, he immediately prepares for battle. Percy knows he’ll need his demigod friends at his side, his bronze sword Riptide, and a ride from his mother. The demigod friends race to find that Grover made a important discovery ,two new half-bloods who parents are unknown. But thats not all that waits for them. The Titan lord Kronos, has set up a trap and the heroes are the prey. This third adventure in the series finds Percy faced with his most dangerous quest yet . The prophecy of the Titan’s curse.


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